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STEPS Gold: Our Greatest Hits

'STEPS Gold: Our Greatest Hits' Cover Gold: Our Greatest Hits

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STEPS Gold: Our Greatest Hits. Written by:
Lee Latchford Evans, Claire Richards, Lisa Scott-Lee, Faye Tozer & Ian Watkins.

132 Pages

Virgin Books

Date Published:
27th September 2001


With 11 top five singles and over 10 Platinum total album sales in the UK, Steps have show that they're not just another pop group. This book accompanies the band's greatest hits CD "Steps Gold" and features reminiscences and stories from the group as they look back on their career. The book aims to reveal their feelings about their songs, the videos, the dance routines and their live shows. Packed with over 100 new and archive pictures, many of them them exclusive to the book, this is the perfect companion to Christmas 2001’s biggest Greatest Hits compilation - and a must-have for every Steps fan.

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Wow, here we are again! Another year, another book, another album and another tour. We still can’t believe how incredible it is being in STEPS, and once again we want to say a massive thank you to all of you for making all of this possible.

We’ve had the most amazing time over the past few years, travelling the world, making videos and creating songs. We feel that one of the secrets of our success is the fact that we’ve enjoyed everything we’ve done so much, and we hope that by doing that we bring a bit of STEPS sunshine into the lives of everyone who listens to our records, reads our books, watches our videos, or comes to see us in concert.

Just to make sure you really know how much you’re all appreciated, we’ve decided to celebrate the life of STEPS so far by bringing you a whole Greatest Hits extravaganza in the shape of Gold: the album, the tour and of course, the book! Read on to discover which of our tracks are our favourites and discover some of our best-kept tour and video secrets!

We want you to think of Gold as the end of the first chapter of the STEPS story – and the beginning of a new exciting one! We’ve all still got so many ambitions and dreams we want to fulfil, and we know that with the support of you, our loyal fans, we can do just about anything.

Lee, Claire, H, Faye and Lisa.


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