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STEPS: The Official Book

'STEPS The Official Book' Cover STEPS The Official Book

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STEPS: The Official Book. Written by:
Jordan Paramor

127 Pages

Virgin Books

Date Published:
21st October 1999


Telling the story of the pop group Steps, this book contains a section on each member and features on such subjects as food and fashion. It also reveals the fun they have backstage, facts and a quiz for fans, and all the dance moves.

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This being the official biography, there's nothing along the lines of "My Cocaine Hell". Then again, the fresh-faced fivesome have so successfully dedicated their lives to the pursuit of pop kitsch that it's almost inconceivable that such a temptation would ever cross their minds.

Compiled by Smash Hits writer Jordan Paramor, STEPS: The Official Book is a bright, breezy and thoroughly brainless wander through the vestigial thoughts of Faye, Lee, Lisa, H and Claire. But to the credit of all, it's a lark delivered with tongues in cheeks, absent of the repulsive vanity that afflicts many a boy band.

Be prepared for anodyne questions along the lines of "What's your favourite kind of fish?" ("Cod", reckons H) or "What colour's your bath towel at home?" ("Bright yellow", claims Lisa). Flick instead to the dance routines, where even the most inept, clumsy-footed fans can pick up the moves to STEPS' biggest hits so far. Pay attention though, because the book ends with a quiz to test your STEPS knowledge. (Louis Pattison. Abridged.)

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Welcome to our very first book! It's all about us--how we first met, what we really get up to, what makes us laugh and what we really think of each other! It's full of exclusive photos: larking about on the set of our videos and on tour, and trying to be sensible at photo shoots! H has taken loads of pictures while we've been on the road, so you will see what goes on when no-one's around!

We've worked hard with our friend, Smash Hits writer Jordan Paramor, to make it the most poptastic book you'll ever read, and we've revealed a few of our biggest secrets along the way! There's a chapter on each of us, full of everything there is to know (and some things we didn't even know ourselves!). We've put in the dance moves, so if you still haven't learnt, now's your chance!

With loads of funny facts, a quiz and a sneak preview of our Arena Tour, we hope you'll have as much fun reading this book as we've had since everything went crazy and we became pop stars!


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