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One For Sorrow

Dance step 1.
Place your left hand inside your right elbow and pump arm backwards twice.
Dance step 2.
Place your right hand inside your left elbow and pump backwards twice.
Dance step 3.
Girls: Place your right then left hand on the back of your head. Boys: Pump both arms together twice.
Dance step 4.
Make a quarter turn and clap hands at waist level behind you...
Dance step 5.
...and again in front of you.
Dance step 6.
Point right hand straight up with your forefinger making a 'one'.
Dance step 7.
Bring your middle finger up to make a 'two'.
Dance step 8.
Bring your fingers down to eye level.
Dance step 9.
Sweep your fingers over your eyes like a mask. That's it!
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