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STEPS The Video

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Video Name
STEPS The Video

82 mins (approx).

Date Released
30th November 1998.

A video featuring the full length videos of "5,6,7,8" right through to "Heartbeat/Tragedy". It also inludes unreleased videos for "Love U More" and "Too Weak To Resist".

This video also shows us each STEPS member performing a specific task. Claire gives us a cooking lesson, Lisa teaches us the dance steps for "Last Thing On My Mind" and "One For Sorrow", Faye shares her beauty secrets for party make-up, Lee works his body in the gym and plays a bit of football, and H takes us to a circus (where he used to work before STEPS) and shows us some of the tricks he still remembers.

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5, 6, 7, 8
Last Thing On My Mind
One For Sorrow
Too Weak To Resist
Love U More

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Video [PAL, 82 minutes]: UK ZOMBA VIDEO 051917-5, November 1998
Video [PAL, 82 minutes]: AUSTRALIA ZOMBA VIDEO/MUSHROOM 101736, February 1999
Video [PAL, 82 minutes]: NETHERLANDS ZOMBA VIDEO 051917-5, 11 September 1998
VCD [71 minutes]: INDONESIA ZOMBA VIDEO/FORM RECORDS VCD-051925-2, 1999 [Image]
Video [NTSC, approx. 16 minutes]: JAPAN JIVE/AVEX, 1999 [Image] [PROMO ONLY] [Track 4 is one continuous shot of STEPS dancing on the beach during the 5, 6, 7, 8 video shoot].


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