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Claire Richards in TSD TSD

It's February 1996, the Spice Girls are still 6 months away, Eternal are riding high in the charts as the UK's premier girl group and all of that is about to change...

Claire, Bonnie & Cossie - known collectively as 'TSD' - are about to burst onto the burst into the charts with their infectious tunes! Well, maybe burst isn't the right word. More like a damp fizzling defective firework, they sparked and just burnt out. Their debut single Heart & Soul limped into the UK singles chart at the dizzying heights of of number 69. The follow up Baby I Love You fared slightly better at number 64.

The group's name came from randomly picking three letters from a scrabble set - TSD emerged and TSD stuck!

Although the name had no real meaning, Chris Rogers (then a 'Newsround' presenter) thought it should stand for Three Sexy Dames.

TSD toured with many of the huge pop acts of the time - including Boyzone, Eternal and Ant and Dec - trying to make a name for themselves. TSD even performed as part of a Smash Hits tour.

This was Claire's first big taste of fame and she admits she found it very strange when people began to ask her for her autograph, but she liked it.

Alongside the group's two singles, the group recorded some tracks which were released on Japanese compilation albums. However, although TSD did have a fan base, the group's following wasn't big enough to please the group's record company and the group were dropped from their label, a decision which left Claire devastated.




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