Will she? Won't she?

Posted 26th Aug 2004 @ 20.03 by Chris

It would seem Lisa Scott-Lee has changed her mind in regards to the song 'Sunshine' which she has recorded.

After the official site reported that Lisa did not intend to release it, Lisa has changed her mind and has told her manager she will release the song, after her next single 'Get it on'.

LSL Webmaster ~ as alot of you will know theres a track that lisa sings on called Sunshine this track first come to light months and months ago and at that time it was not going to happen, but Lisa told her manager few days ago that its now happing.

The song is by Bel-Air Ft Lisa Scott-Lee and is a cover of the Berri song "Sunshine After The Rain" thats all the infomation i have and Lisa's manager as right now because he needs to talk to Lisa first once she gets back off her honey moon.

More news as we get it.


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