Lisa joins Intenso

Posted 25th Nov 2004 @ 22.39 by Chris

The dust has finally settled again on the official website after Lisa Scott-Lee's busy webchat last night. In the chat, Lisa spoke of her up and coming projects:

1. The Intenso Project. She has joined the group and they are writing a new single together.
2. Her album - she's doing solo music as well as Intenso. Lately and Too Far Gone will feature on the album, and Lisa is keen to have Back In Time on there too, as well as new tracks.
3. There are lots of TV projects coming up. She is presumably referring to the ingeniously titled "Scott-Lee Unlimited".
4. She's miffed that 'Get it on' has missed the top 20 in the midweeks. So buy it.
5. 'Get it on' is being released in some European countries, France is confirmed.
6. She'd love to write an autobiography. She says "it would be an interesting read".


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