Memories fade so easily, but am I still in yours like you're in mine?

Posted 26th Dec 2004 @ 12.38 by Chris

Let us take a moment to reflect on the shocking events which amazed the world in 2001. No, we're not talking about September 11th, the Selby rail crash or the outbreak of foot and mouth, but of course the news which was broken to the nation three years ago today; Steps split.

In the three years that have passed since we've seen some interesting developments, with new high and lows for the members of Steps. We've seen countless reality TV appearances, various musicals, seven singles, three weddings, an interesting solo career, a familiar pop duo and our favourite five slowly bury the hatchett a step at a time. The fans have recovered from the split too and have, for the most part, moved on.

But for those of you who still can't resist the urge to throw your hands to your face when you hear Tragedy, for those of you abroad who have only recently discovered the magic of Steps, or for those of you who follow the solo career of any particular member, this site remains open as a place to read the latest news, a place to chat with other fans, and a place where you can root through the continually growing Steps archives.

Whilst the solo ventures have not always gone entirely to plan, one thing is for certain: their online presence is still going strong. In the last year we've seen H and Lee's official websites open for business, whilst Faye official has just received a fresh new look, and Lisa official goes from strength to strength. It's now exactly one year since I joined the Generation Network and helped relaunch this site, and I know a lot has been achieved during my short time here in the GenSTEPS community.

And I'm certain we'll continue to follow the ups and downs of life after Steps throughout 2005, and beyond, with plenty more surprises to come in the following year. May I also take this opportunity to officially welcome our new journalist Darian to the GenSTEPS team.

So here's to the future, of Faye, Lisa, Lee, H and Claire, GenSTEPS, and of course you, the fans who make this site what it is today.

Merry Christmas.


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