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Posted 6th Mar 2005 @ 13.40 by GenSTEPS

H's new show, 'H Side Story' got off to a trundling start today on Channel 4. The first episode of the eight part series showed H's initial worries and his first day at college, and featured comments from Lisa, Faye and Claire.

Lisa on H Side StoryClaire on H Side StoryFaye on H Side Story

Faye: "I was gobsmacked. And then proud. And then I thought 'Oh my God, he's going to get beaten up!' "

Highlights included seeing the three girls speak positively about H again, and watching Mary Hammond, 'Head of Musical Theatre' performing the dance to Tragedy:

You've not quite grasped that one yet love.

There are captures in the GenSTEPS galleries for you all to peruse, simply click the "see newest pictures" link for all the latetst additions. You may also want to visit the official site for the show.

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