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Posted 18th Mar 2005 @ 23.23 by GenSTEPS

This one escaped our notice! Nothing new, but it's a three part interview with Lisa Scott-Lee, and a section with Intenso too recorded after her performance at G.A.Y.

The interview contains nothing particularly revealing and new, but it's worth watching to see Lisa dodge questions such as "Did you get on with the rest of the group?".

+ Lisa's hopes for 'Get It On'
"We're hoping for a top ten... so the single's the one you need to go out and get." sad

+ Lisa's thoughts on the Steps split
"I didn't leave Steps... they left me!!"

+ Lisa's new TV show
"[Scott-Lee Unlimited] is not the title... I'm actually filming for various TV shows at the minute, it's a really nice time, we've had lots of TV offers."

+ Lisa's view on her future
"...because Steps did so well, it would be unrealistic of me to think 'Right well I'd like to have 15 million albums on my own as a solo artist', so I don't put that pressure on myself. I just think that I've done really well and any more is a bonus."

See the interview.


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