"I'm too young for botox!"

Posted 7th May 2005 @ 21.52 by GenSTEPS

We've always loved Lisa Scott-Lee, but tonight it's possible that we've grown even fonder! Lisa was caught totally unawares by the team behind ITV1's "Celebrity Stitch Up", and was faced with a tricky situation.

Returning to her car after a meal with Andy and Tony S-L, Lisa's car is blocked into its parking space by another car, and the keys are locked inside! Lisa has no choice but to look after the drivers' grandmother in her own car, and 'babysit' the elderly lady, who mistakes Lisa for Kylie Minogue.

And the frustration grows as a traffic warden breaks into the other car, and blames Lisa for the damage as she recoils in shock! Yet amazingly she manages to keep her cool and remains polite throughout, without swearing once!

We've captured this video because we <3 Lisa, and you can see it here (12MB).

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