Murder on the dancefloor

Posted 16th Sep 2005 @ 16.11 by GenSTEPS

Just when you think everything is going well, somebody comes along and scrapes their keys along your shiny new car.

The pop equivalent for Lisa Scott-Lee has just been unveiled in the abysmal new tracklisting for her CD "Electric". In an absolutely banal move, Lisa's chances at chart success have been diminished by a large percentage as the tracklist for CD1 is revealed;

CD 1
1. Electric
2. Lately

In an attempt to lure the record buying public, they've packaged the new song with a redundant, previously released track that didn't shift that many copies the first time round. The puzzling move is bound to damage sales as fewer people will be inclined to buy CD1.

Needless to say, the hardcore Lisa fans amongst us will buy both CD1 and CD2 anyway. But this isn't about hardcore Lisa fans. The hardcore Lisa fans will always buy her CDs. And let's remind ourselves what that achieved last time.


CD2 has a slightly more promising tracklisting, but we URGE Lisa's management to reconsider CD1.

CD 2
1. Electric
2. Make it last forever
3. Don't you want my number
4. (Enhanced section featuring the video)


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