Me toucher, je suis électrique!

Posted 5th Oct 2005 @ 20.29 by GenSTEPS

Ebay profiteers are often a source of amusement with their silly schemes that they hope will make a quick profit. Finally they've run out of customers foolish enough to bid for "SKY TV ON UR COMPUTOR 4 NOWT", and so the new idea is a promotional CD of Lisa's "Electric"... only one which is being sent to radio stations in France - yes, this is Lisa Scott-Lee's Electrique!

So how do we know this is most unlikely to be real? If looking at the cover wasn't enough to scream "MICROSOFT WORD ART" at you, then surely the mis-spelling of the whole cover highlights the falseness of this CD - "Le Copie Speciale De Promotion Seulement" should read "La copie spéciale pour la promotion seulement" for example - and knowing how particular they are about their language, the French would never allow such shoddy spelling. (Quite different from the Danes in that respect - we've not forgotten "Lisa Scoot-Lee"...).

The only thing we're having trouble deciding is whether this cover is actually better than the one they've opted for. Having said that, knowing Lisa's management, is it ridiculous to assume that this could actually be real? Answers on a postcard! Or on the GenSTEPS messageboard.

(Note: We won't be linking to the items in question, as it claims to be selling unreleased material, and appears to be a con job anyway. Just wait until October 10th, and buy the single in HMV - it's only £2.99 for three new songs).


Here's a very nice photo of Lisa Scott-Lee.

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