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Posted 9th Oct 2005 @ 20.50 by GenSTEPS

ITV News has confirmed that Lisa will not be quitting pop music, even if her next single does not reach the top 10.

Despite persistant promises to hang up her microphone during 'Totally Scott-Lee', and confirming the same in nearly every recent interview, Lisa has now denied the rumour, and claims more music will follow 'Electric'.

"MTV have set me a challenge to get Electric into the Top Ten. I'm hoping it will go well and there will be more singles to follow on from that. I've been very lucky and I've had a lot of success with Steps and that's why I'm here and still doing it."

This follows recent news that 'Totally Scott-Lee' has been signed for a second series, presumably following Lisa trying to "make it big" in the music industry - again!

For all Lisa fans, this is fantastic news, and we hope Lisa will continue to release new music, finally get her album out for the fans, and finally replace her embarrassingly incompetent management.

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