Moore chance of winning!

Posted 14th Oct 2005 @ 13.51 by GenSTEPS

Lisa's manager Nathan is offering website visitors the chance to 'Meet and Greet Lisa', if they download her single.

A message appeared on her forum and was also e-mailed to all forum members announcing "The more you download, the more chance you have of winning."

Some members expressed concern that this move is "illegal", according to the official chart company rules which state;

"No record company, distributor, retailer, Artist or other party should act or encourage others to act in any way designed to distort, or which has the effect of distorting the Chart by achieving a higher or lower Chart position for a record than it would otherwise achieve."

However, the chart rules also state;

"Competition entries may be included with any Permanent Digital Download purchase, provided there is a reasonably small chance of winning. Competition entries which carry a high probability of winning are considered to be free gifts and thereby the record concerned becomes ineligible for the chart."


"Any incentive to purchase one or more chart eligible Permanent Download will not disqualify sales of those Downloads... provided that the downloads and the gifts or discount offered comply with all other chart eligibility rules."

So according to the chart company rules and regulations, Lisa is still eligible for the charts.


Lisa has risen another place in the chart.



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