A public service announcement

Posted 14th Oct 2005 @ 17.10 by GenSTEPS

lisascottlee.com has contacted us, and explained that the Official Chart Company have not posted on Lisa's forums, and that the posts made were created by a user with malicious intentions.

The Official Chart Company have contacted Lisa's management, and it does not appear that Lisa will be disqualified from the charts, since the competition that was advertised on the site was within the chart regulations.

lisascottlee.com have also e-mailed mailing list subscribers to explain that the competition was unauthorised and should not have been publicised (despite the e-mail originally claiming "This has been cleared with Nathan, Lisa's manager.") At present, there is no competition being run by lisascottlee.com.

In other news...

Lisa's site is asking for people to come down to London to support Lisa and see the seventh episode of Totally Scott-Lee. If you wish to be on the show and support Lisa, make your way down to the MTV studios in London for 1pm on Sunday the 16th October 2005. Please bring a colourful banner adorned with phrases such as "Go Lisa!", "We love you Lisa", "Lisa you're electric" and "Aha!".


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