Eur-oh No

Posted 30th Dec 2005 @ 14.14 by GenSTEPS

As if the whole 'Totally Scott-Lee' catastrophy wasn't bad enough, the latest news is bound to send a chill down any Lisa fan's spine. According to "The Sun" today, Lisa is heading for Eurovision 2006 to try and revive her career.

LISA SCOTT-LEE is once again trying to breathe life into her flagging pop career with a crack at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Lisa is convinced the competition could be her way back to the giddy heights she enjoyed during her days in STEPS.

Here's a quick rundown of why this is a disastrous idea.

  1. The public at large will see Lisa as a 'novelty' entry, like Jordan in 2005.

  2. Being beaten in the 'Making your mind up' heats would be embarrassing to say the least, especially by somebody like Jordan, and give the tabloids another reason to slate her.

  3. The management will encourage illegal vote rigging and give Lisa bad press.

  4. She will be the third Scott-Lee to enter Eurovision, which means "the other one" will undoubtedly enter next year.

  5. Miming isn't allowed at Eurovision.

  6. Wasn't Claire meant to be doing Eurovision a few years ago?

We despair. We really do. And although it breaks our heart to say it, Europop isn't quite as successful as it once was. So unless Lisa's got some surprises in the bag, perhaps a tribal war dance with scantily clad lesbians... or a whole 'Scott-Lee family' encore, with Jan and Tony on backing vocals... on second thoughts, this could be quite entertaining.


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