SadLee no reunion yet

Posted 13th Jan 2006 @ 18.08 by GenSTEPS

Lee Latchford Evans has confirmed that Steps have no plans to reunite, at least not for the timebeing. The singer posted a message on his official website, following recent rumours that Steps were planning to reunite without H, finding a replacement through a reality TV show.

"Come on guys you know there will always be rumours about Steps in one form or another, who knows what the future will bring and where our lives take us.

Can you really see Steps performing all those dance routines in years to come? Never say never - I know. But let's be realistic also!"

In the message, Lee also confirmed that the 'Step Two' tracklisting which has circulated message boards for quite some time is entirely fabricated.

Faye has also denied the rumours of a Steps reunion on her website.


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