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Posted 14th Jan 2006 @ 20.02 by GenSTEPS

Lisa appeared on 'The Weakest Link Celebrity Couples' this evening on BBC1, and showed herself to be a little bit stronger than we remember.

Despite rumours that Lisa ran off the set crying when the show was filmed - not long after Electric had charted - Lisa was shown standing up to Anne's comments and refused to be ridiculed when Anne asked her to sing Electric.

"I won't be patronised, and I'm not going to sing."

Later in the show, Anne asked other celebrities to sing 'Electric' although none claimed to know the song, whilst radio presenters "JK and Joel" performed a rendition of "5, 6, 7, 8", much to Lisa's embarrassment.

Unfortunately, Lisa and Johnny did not reach the final and were voted off, and it looks like a few tears were brewing in Lisa's eyes as she did the walk of shame.

What was really quite charming about the whole programme was seeing Johnny being very supportive of Lisa and standing up for her.

A full transcript of Anne's attack on Lisa can be viewed on the "Full story" link, and captures are in the Lisa galleries.

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