Seeing Double

Posted 14th May 2006 @ 23.50 by GenSTEPS

Meet 'Beyond', the latest all dancing, all miming pop troupe hoping they won't scrape the lower ends of the top 75 later this year!

According to their myspace, "The time is right for a new sensation that didn't drag itself out of the depths of ITV but instead sing great new songs with a sense of fun and excitement that is a breath of fresh air in a pop world that has become so jaded."

Which is ironic really because 'Beyond' are hardly groundbreaking, right from their tried-and-tested image to their format to the songs they sing. In fact one of the songs is not "new" at all, it's an old Lisa Scott-Lee cast-off! (See. This is all relevant!)

The song in question is "Music is my lover", and their official site boasts "Bursting with vocal talents that are second to none...". Unfortunately we're inclined to agree. Their vocal talents are probably as close to "none" as you can get (best described as "flat" by those in the know on our message boards). So it's sad that upon listening to the track in question you'll be craving to hear Lisa's voice sing it. Because it is very much a Lisa track.

Alright, 'Beyond' aren't that bad. They're just like STEPS actually.

Without the good looking ones.

Enough! Listen to Lisa's cast-off, "Music is my lover", on their official myspace.


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