Posted 10th Apr 2007 @ 14.45 by GenSTEPS

Remember the other day when we joked that Concept would probably just take an old photo for Lisa's album cover and slap some text on it?

Well they've done exactly that.

To think that Tony Scott-Lee has his own photography studio as well.


Help Prevent Disaster

Posted 28th Feb 2007 @ 03.49 by GenSTEPS

Here at STEPS HQ, we know all too well that things don't always go to plan.

Just the other day, Lisa's new album (most of which every man and his dog has been able to download illegally thanks to her webmaster) was dramatically pulled from release schedules.

The album has now been sent off for a quick re-hash, which leaves us to wait for news, and open a competition!

We want you to send us your designs for Lisa's album cover. Past experience suggests that the real one is likely to be dreadful, so we want to see your designs before the official one is revealed. Hopefully it will give Concept some amazing ideas, rather than them slapping some badly aligned font on a dodgy magazine scan.

Send them in to

The best entries will be showcased on our beautiful new homepage.


Never Or Maybe Later

Posted 25th Feb 2007 @ 00.32 by GenSTEPS

Lisa Scott-Lee's debut album has been delayed, again!

Lisa's official site reports that the UK digital release of the album will no longer be released on March 26th, as previously planned.

Instead, the album will be released "in a few months", yet once again no date is set.

The rapid change of heart comes after a worker at Concept Records accidentally leaked the album tracklisting, which fans branded a dismal outturn since only three of the tracks were 'new'.

New tracks have since appeared on message boards after Lisa's webmaster allegedly distributed album tracks to friends. The same webmaster allegedly banned fans from using her website and distributed tracks from her album sampler 'Unleashed' on the internet, which caused the album to be cancelled.

Yet unbelievably, Lisa's webmaster - famous for dressing as Lisa on his webcam - was given a copy of the new album, which he played to fans using MSN Messenger, and is now reported to have sent MP3s of the songs to his friends.

Despite all these things, he's still in charge, and Concept have asked him to redesign the website - before the current one is fully up to date!


In Other News

Lisa was voted off Dancing On Ice tonight.


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