Never Or Now

Posted 20th Feb 2007 @ 17.48 by GenSTEPS

Lisa Scott-Lee's album tracklisting could have been revealed by Concept, amid speculation on the world's favourite pop message board, Popjustice.

The tracklisting, which has stirred up controversy, is billed as following in an e-mail from Concept;

1. Lately
2. Too Far Gone
3. Electric
4. Back In Time
5. Obscenely Delicious
6. Boy On The Dance Floor
7. Give You My Love
8. Make It Last Forever*
9. Sleazy
10. Iíll Wait For You
11. Youíre No Good For Me
12. Rush
13. Never Or Now

The tracklisting appears to be legitimate, since fans already know the album has 13 tracks. Fans have expressed shock at the lack of new material, considering 10 of the 13 tracks have been available for download (albeit some illegally) for many years, and only three tracks (11, 12 and 13) are new.

However, there is still some question over the validity of this tracklisting. Notable is the inclusion of "Give You My Love", which the songwriter told us Lisa was no longer using. Secondly is the inclusion of Electric b-side "Make It Last Forever"; why include a b-side which Lisa only sings half of?

Finally is the omission of 'No Other Day', a soft new ballad recorded by Lisa during 'Totally Scott-Lee'; a beautiful, emotional song which we were told would be on the album.

So is this Lisa's tracklisting? Discuss!


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