Wanna Go Back In Time

Posted 5th Aug 2007 @ 10.04 by GenSTEPS

Cringe, cringe, cringe. Just when we thought Lisa Scott-Lee had regained a bit of dignity, another bombshell is dropped.

Following the embarrasment of Totally Scott-Lee, Lisa worked hard for months to re-establish a little credibility by performing like a real star on 'Dancing On Ice', and remaining realistic and dignified by releasing her brilliant album without an unnecessary putsch of publicity.

But now, Lisa and deluded bandmate Ian Watkins have attended a 'Meet The Stars' session, hoping to charge fans 290 each for a photo and autograph.

Unsurprisingly the stampede of fans never arrived, and after reducing their fee to 15 a pop, Lisa signed 8 autographs and disappeared. The spectacularly embarrasing event proved that Lisa and H are less popular than the Cheeky Girls.

We despair.

So, what next for Lisa Scott-Lee? We think she should go on 'Celebrity Big Brother' and shout racist retorts at other housemates. It's as useful as this 'Meet the stars' event if she wants to keep herself in the public eye but doesn't care about how she's perceived.

She looks hot though doesn't she. Stunning in fact.

From The Sun


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