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Posted 6th Jul 2008 @ 21.20 by Generation Steps

Here's an article from the News of the World's Fabulous Mag. Claire talks cooking and kitchens...


With her enormous kitchen and restaurant-sized oven, youd be forgiven for thinking Claire Richards spends hours rustling up gourmet dinners.

In fact, the ex-Steps star confesses she lives on ping cuisine!

Im on a diet for my wedding in November so its easier to calorie count with microwaved meals, she explains.

But when Im not slimming I really like cooking."

"Before I got into singing I wanted to be a pastry chef.

"I still love making bread and butter pudding and trifles.

I love having all the family over for Christmas, when we all sit down around the big dining table.

"I like feeding people and get a lot of satisfaction from making delicious food for people, although Celebrity MasterChef, which Im a contestant on, is teaching me that being a chef is exhausting.

"So Im glad I became a pop star!

Claire, 30, who has a one-year-old son Charlie, bought her three-bedroom 30s cottage in Middlesex in 2001 with her then partner and spent a year having it renovated.

She now shares it with her fianc, electrician Reece Hill, 40.

Theyre currently adding two more bedrooms and another bathroom.

She says: When I bought this place I wanted a big kitchen and dining area, so the builder knocked down walls and I helped us get a good deal at Magnet on the beech units.

"I think we spent about 6,000 on the kitchen, which is quite good value.

I wanted lots of cupboard space and went for the biggest appliances possible hence the giant cooker and fridge! I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Its a family area with lots of photos, including some good memories of when I was in Steps.

"I never went near a kitchen in those days we were always on the road, living on takeaways.

For the full article, including more pictures click here.

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