Lisa and Johnny "Sacked" from CelebAir

Posted 2nd Oct 2008 @ 20.54 by Generation Steps

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After finishing their flight to Ibiza and abandoning their next shift to Gatwick, both Lisa and Johhny have been "sacked" from their positions within the ITV CelebAir crew. The pair faced the mentors to explain their actions, but failed to come up with an excuse for their actions...

"Lisa Scott-Lee and Johnny Shentall are sacked for gross misconduct!

Who'd have thought it people? They've been squeaky clean up until now, pleasing mentors and passengers alike with exemplary service both on check-in and up in the air.

But dynamic married duo Lisa Scott-Lee and Johnny Shentall didn't keep up the good work for long.

Oooh no.

It seemed that the Ibiza sunshine proved too tempting for the perky pair as they prepared for their shift on the latest return flight to Gatwick, and they got off the plane and headed off into the sunset!

Understandably, the mentors were furious about this brazen mutiny, and sacked the pair for gross misconduct."


Catch up with the episode here.


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