Lisa's Scott Naked

Posted 18th Aug 2009 @ 12.34 by GenSTEPS

Lisa Scott-Lee is pregnant and proud! After giving birth to baby Jaden 18 months ago, Lisa quickly shed the pounds and returned back to her slender self. But now she's bared all for Closer magazine, recreating Demi Moore's iconic 1991 Vanity Fair cover.

Speaking about her new figure, Scott-Lee said: "Being pregnant is such a natural thing, it's so liberating to show off my bump. I even feel sexy! I'll keep these photos to remind me of such a momentous time."

She added: "It's like I've just had a boob job. They keep getting bigger. When I breastfed Jaden they went up to a DD, so I'm hoping for that this time round!"

Lisa Scott-Lee pregnant

We wish Lisa every happiness with her pregnancy.


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