Site updates and tour news

Posted 29th Sep 2011 @ 02.14 by GenSTEPS

Since STEPS have made a reappearance, we're sprucing things up a little here at GenSTEPS HQ - you'll find new photos and videos linked in the sidebar, we've updated the discography, we've added the Dancing Queen lyrics so you can sing along to Lisa's adlibs and we've given the forum a makeover.

Meanwhile, there's rumours that STEPS will be embarking on an 'Ultimate Tour' soon. When we revealed the news of the STEPS reunion exclusively here at GenSTEPS, we also hinted at a potential gig in November. Well now Ultimate-Steps seem to have uncovered some evidence that a tour is in the pipeline (as long as the album and documentary do well!)

It's an exciting time to be a STEPS fan!


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