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May 1999

31st May 1999 >> STEPS TOTP Special
I hope every single Steps fan saw this program at 3.20pm today. If you didn't you missed the best Steps program yet. Although it didn't reveal anything new about the group it showed every single performance by Steps on TOTP through out their career so far. Starting with their first ever appearance with '5678' and finishing with their last release 'Better Best Forgotten'. In between songs each group member spoke about the rest of the group. What really amazed me is how good the whole group is at dancing, some of those moves are extremely difficult to pull off but all five of them went through each routine perfectly. It was fun to watch '5678' as the whole group appeared nervous and performed the dance without one mistake! What I found strange was the fact that 'Better Best forgotten' is the groups least favorite song, yet it remains one of the fan favorites. All in all this program proved that Steps have hit the big time , their here to stay and we love them!

30th May 1999 >> STEPS On Fully Booked
Steps were featured on a mini program hosted by Nick Brown on Fully Booked today. It was filmed at one of their STEP ONE concerts. The first interview was with support group A1 ,we then saw them performing their single. Then we had another interview with second support act Lolly, who was a good singer but I can't really say the same for her taste in clothing! We then saw her perform her single. Finally we had the interview with STEPS all the way through there were clips of them performing songs on stage mixed with their videos which was fun to watch. During the interview we found out quite a bit about the Steps style. They all agreed that the One For Sorrow outfits are their favorites, mainly because when they were filming in Italy it was so hot that they kept them cool. Lee said that they now design their own clothes, but "you'll never see me in a boob tube!" H said that they got most of their ideas from Japan. Faye spoke of her dreadlocks and how people throw teddy bears with dreads sown onto them on stage. She only had the dreads for 3 months though. When talking about the Steps clothes she added "we don't wear them off stage , definitely not!" Lisa said that once when she had finished performing 'Love You More' her top was getting too low and she had to stop and pull it back up again. All three girls agreed that they preferred tight Calvin Klein underwear on men the most. And their one big fashion tip for dressing like Steps is "Glitter is good!". So you know what to do. Don't forget on bank holiday Monday at 3.20pm, there is a TOTP special all about their career so far, don't miss it.

29th May 1999 >> STEPS Featured In TV HITS Summer Special
In the TV HITS summer special magazine Steps are featured in a double page interview of their recent trip to Australia. The whole group are interviewed and the magazine is well worth the price. As well as the two page spread there are also loads of posters and pictures of the gang.

28th May 1999 >> Official STEPS Book In The Works
A small update today concerning the official Steps book. There is already an unofficial book available as stated earlier this month but now Steps will be bringing the official book to you by October. It will be written by a reporter from the magazine 'Smash Hits' called Jordan Paramor. He has had the most contact with Steps throughout their career and knows exactly what's gone on up till now. There will be loads of new facts about the group and is set to include at least 100 all new pictures! Lisa has been voted the 55th sexiest woman in the world by FHM readers! That's pretty good for someone that was unknown just over a year ago, congratulations Lisa. Although in our little poll Lisa has been voted No.1 sexiest woman, well greatest Steps member anyway! Go to the voting Booth to put in your vote. Sadly Claire or Faye failed to make an impression on readers despite being just as beautiful. Thanks to Fizz for this news and pic.

27th May 1999 >> STEPS To Attend 'Walk For Life'
It has been announced that Steps will be attending the 10th Walk For Life which helps raise money for AIDS and HIV projects. It is run by Crusade and certain events will be held nationwide on Sunday the 6th of June. Other celebrities include Archbishop Desmond Tutu who will be opening the event, Barbara Windsor , Charlie Hunnum , Craig Kelly and Caroline Aherne. If you would like to show your support for this worthy cause please go to the Crusaid website and sign up for the event closest to you.

25th May 1999 >> STEPS On TV All Over Bank Holiday Weekend
To start with Steps will be on Fully Booked this Sunday. But most excitingly of all there will be a whole half hour of Steps on a Top Of The Pops Special this Monday 31st of May at 3.20pm. It will be a look back at what Steps have achieved so far in their career. Thanks to Louise for notifying me about this. The Interview CD was released yesterday exclusively to Woolworths for a few months. It will be going on general sale after this period , which explains why HMV has it on their lists. Thanks to Helen of Mega World for this information. The actual length of the interview is 39mins and 38 seconds.

24th May 1999 >> STEPS To Headline BRMB Party In The Park
Steps are headlining BRMB's Party in the Park on Saturday June 5th at Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham. Other acts appearing include: Dina Carroll, Martine McCutcheon, Gary Barlow, Another Level, A1,SClub7, Honeyz and numerous others on the list with more to be announced soon. Admission is FREE. Thanks to Louise a PlanetSTEPS reader for this information. Today the first Official Steps Interview CD finally came out. It was in Record House and Woolworths but could not find it in HMV, when asked they didn't know why it hadn't arrived but it was on their lists. I will investigate this further. To find out my impressions of it go to the new Steps Product section in the Reviews area. You will also find reviews of the Video and music book, to submit your reviews of these products please go to the page mentioned above.

23rd May 1999 >> STEPS Support Shanks And Bigfoot's Single
In an interview held earlier this week members of Steps offered the group Shanks and Bigfoot their full support for their new single. Faye said she loved it while Lee said he even wakes up singing it! Well if its good enough for Steps its good enough for me as its one of my favorite songs of the moment.

21st May 1999 >> Another Steps Concert Date
It has been announced that Steps are to play on the 30th of November at Newcastle, see the tours section for full details. 6 Tracks Off Of Steps Second Album In this fortnights Smash Hits magazine it 6 new track titles from the forth coming second album from Steps , the titles are as follows:
'Loves Got A Hold On My Heart' - First single to be released July 6th (date may change).
'Make It Easy On Yourself' - A possible follow up single to the above.
'When I Said Goodbye' - The Christmas duet by H and Claire.
'Never Say Never Again' - An ABBA esque song.
'Deeper Shade Of Blue'.
'I surrender'.
H is on the front cover of the Smash Hits magazine and there is a two page interview about him. You also get a full page pic of Faye, which is great. It is easily worth the 1.25 asking price, don't miss the next issue when there will be a huge H poster! And apparently the new Steps look for the second album is going to be yellow! Well what do you think? Should we follow the lead or stick with the classic STEP ONE look?

20th May 1999 >> STEPS To Play Live At Bliss 99
It has been confirmed that Steps will be playing live at 'Bliss 99'. The concert is in Hatfield in Herefordshire on Thursday the 3rd of June. If you would like to go along call Ticket Master on: 0870 90 20 001 or go to their website : TicketMaster According to Woolworths the 'Steps Interview CD' has only been delayed by one week due to shipping problems and will infact be released this coming Monday 24th of May. Please note it will be available in most record shops not just Woolworths. Amazingly despite Steps being out of the charts with one of their own singles they are infact getting a lot of coverage. This week alone I have found out that they are in a wide range of magazines, and today I was told by 'TV Hits Posters Magazine' there will are five full page photos of the group one per member in this months mag. It should have gone on sale today.

17th May 1999 >> More Magazine News
Another 'Hotshots' magazine completely dedicated to Steps has been released this month. It is packed FULL of Steps pictures and gossip. And as if the photo quality pictures weren't enough to warrant the 2.25 price , then how about massive posters of each member of the group as well as another double sided poster of the entire group! I highly advise any Steps fan to buy this magazine as it has so much news about the group it'll keep you occupied for ages. And some of the photos are completely new , my fave has to be the one where all the Steps are dressed in black with Lisa standing proud at the front in leather gear. While I was getting that I also bought the Smash Hits magazine which is worth the 1.25 price. It has quite a few Steps pictures and as stated before an excellent poster. Thanks to Fizz for telling me it was out. Unfortunately it appears that the Official Interview CD release date has been set back , when the final date is issued it will be posted immediately.

16th May 1999 >> Product Information Plus STEPS Were On 'The ABBA Story' Yesterday
In Smash Hits this month Steps are featured on a two page poster. There is also a really cool Steps versus Westlife game and a few articles with Steps news and gossip. And if that isn't enough Steps for you can pop down to HMV and buy an unofficial Steps guide! It costs 6.99 and features loads of photos of our fave pop group on Top of the Pops. There are loads of facts about the song '5678'(most of which would fit into our pointless series:). Thanks to Fizz for giving us this information. During an ABBA tribute program STEPS were featured talking about ABBA and about the single 'Thank ABBA For The Music'. Claire spoke of how great the group ABBA was and how difficult it was to reproduce the ABBA sound. She said that the hardest song to sing was 'Dancing Queen' as the singing voices in that are so intricate. As a side note , STEPS producer Pete Waterman said that he could never better an ABBA song and that the best he could do was the ABBA tribute. Well I'm sorry Pete! But does the name STEPS ring a bell? Better ? Maybe not. Equals? I think so.

11th May 1999 >> Lee And Faye Present The Pepsi Network Chart Next Tuesday
Next Tuesday the 18th of May , Lee and Faye will be presenting the programme for Channel 5 at the exclusive Leicester square night club the 'Rectory' at 7.30pm. And guess what we'll be there to cover the event! And best yet you could be going too!! That's right if your aged between 18-40 and would like to go along just phone this number and ask to speak to Carla : 0171 287 0045 (Mon - Fri between 11am - 5pm)

9th May 1999 >> We Say Goodbye To STEPS For A Few Months
Well as we see the last single from STEP ONE leave the UK charts America are hearing the STEPS sound for the first time as STEPS are now in America doing promotional work to launch their career over there. Sadly 'Better Best Forgotten' has completely left the top 40 and it looks like 'Thank ABBA For The Music' is set to follow next week. But don't worry as the interview CD is out on the 17th if you can't live without the sound of the gangs voices. And the new single and album is coming along shortly.

4th May 1999 >> New Single And Album Details!
The single title is : 'Love's Got A Hold On My Heart' Release Date : July 6th 1999 Yes that's right , its moved forward! But that's not the best news , check out the album release date below. As for the single, it has a completely new sound, although still a pop sounding song, Claire sings the lead and has come up with an altogether new sound. Said to be their best song to date we look forward to getting this even more now. And as for the new album , just take a look at the release date : Release Date : September 20th 1999 A whole month earlier! To say that all of us here are excited is an understatement to say the least! They have completed nearly eight tracks, although they haven't been mixed yet. It is also looking more and more likely that the single 'When I Said Goodbye' the duet by Claire and H will be their Christmas single going for the number 1 spot for the millennium. Whether they will accompany this with another storming cover like 'Tragedy' to secure that number one is still debatable. But forget that! It's only 2 months until we get to buy new STEPS material, and less than that to hear it.

2nd May 1999 Steps Playing At Astoria For The Third Time >>
Showing loyalty to their gay fans , STEPS will be playing at Astoria again on the 19th of June. This is the third time in six months. We will hopefully be bringing you a special report from the night with photos and hopefully (fingers crossed) an interview , but were not promising anything ok! But if you live in the London area be sure to be there early as the tickets sell out fast. They should be performing their new single and hopefully a few other songs too. Thanx to Neil for providing this news. We've been informed by CDUK that there will be a STEPS special on the program in a few weeks. We'll let you know more details in the coming weeks nearer the time. Meanwhile in the charts Tragedy is back in the box charts! While Better Best Forgotten and Thank ABBA For The Music are still hanging in the UK singles charts. Go to the CHARTS page for the details. You will also find the Belgian and Canadian charts there too.

1st May 1999 >> Steps Break Into Canada
Big news from Canada too , STEPS debut single (over there) 'Last Thing On My Mind' has gone to number 17 in the top 20 chart.

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