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Episode 1

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Episode 1 begins with a short summary of Lisa's career so far, with clips of Steps videos and interviews. The titles are followed by an opening statement by Lisa.
"I really, really want a top ten this time around, and if I don't get it then I'm really going to think about giving up because I'm tired of fighting!"
Andy, Lisa and Michelle visit Nanna. Whilst Nanna fetches some biscuits, Michelle tries her best to shoo Nanna's dog. Lisa shows Nanna her new video (Get It On) and a wedding photograph.
"We put all these pictures around for her, you know, she likes to think we take an interest."
Two weeks until the release of Get It On, Lisa tells her feelings of performing in clubs as opposed to arenas, admitting she's willing to swallow her pride in order to reclaim her fame.
After thirty gigs with the Intenso Project in just one month, she asks Nathan where he thinks the single will chart.
"I give you f**king 20% so you should work your butt off, I'm working my butt off!"
A week later, Johnny gives a sleepy Lisa her birthday card. Moved by his loving words, Lisa sheds a tear.
Preparing Lisa's birthday party, Andy and Michelle entertain themselves by inhaling helium from balloons.
"I feel really light headed..."
Lisa's party is a raptuous success, and she's slightly surprised to see her cake...
...which features a model of herself on top!
Lisa awakes the next morning feeling slightly worse for wear. Meanwhile, Michelle discovers Andy's boxer shorts in the bathroom, and accuses him of wearing them more than once.
"I'd at least turn them inside out."
Lisa's back on the road, performing a gig at London club G.A.Y.
"I'd like to go home, and do what married couples should be doing."
Lisa's family gather to hear the midweek chart position for Get It On. Nathan takes the call. The single is set to chart at 23.
"That's s**t. That's really s**t."
"Six months for 23... that's not worth it."
"I've got three TVs, three gigs... and to be honest I don't really feel like doing it."
Lisa ends the show on a more optimistic note, explaining how she'll be even more determined with her next single release.




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