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Episode 4

Episode 4 begins, and there's a storm brewing at Scott-Lee towers.
The family listen to Lisa's telephone conversation with Andy, following his proposal to Michelle.
Lisa is unhappy that 'OK! magazine' knew about Andy's proposal before his family.

"Don't you think that your family should come before your deal with 'OK!' "
"Congratulations, I'm really happy for you, but the way you've gone about it is all wrong."
"When you got engaged to Johnny, did you tell us you were going to get engaged, before you got engaged?"
"Excuse me! I did not know we were getting engaged, and it had nothing to do with 'OK!' or any deal, Johnny proposed to me because he wanted to marry me."
"I've got some more news as well..."
Lisa looks concerned.
"Michelle's pregnant..."
"I'm only joking! I'm only joking!"
Lisa rolls her eyes.

"It's not really the time for jokes, is it."
The call is ended, and Lisa is overcome by her emotions again.

"They could have done it in a much nicer way. We could have all been sat round now, having champagne and... you know..."
"Our kind of motto is 'Family come first', and I think he's forgotten that."
Meanwhile, in his office, Nathan tries desperately to find a song and secure a record deal for Lisa. Things don't look positive.
Johnny and Lisa discuss Andy's engagement over dinner.

"Why get engaged just to keep her happy?" questions Johnny.

"Well I'd want to keep her happy!" giggles Lisa.
Later, back at home, Lisa and her friends prepare for Michelle's birthday party.
Michelle is preparing herself too.

"Oh, what do I do with my hair?"
Tony greets Lisa and her friends as they arrive at Michelle's party.

"Charlotte had an idea to bring a bottle of wine with us..." announces Lisa excitedly, "And we drank it!"
Lisa screams out in shock when she realises she's forgotten Michelle's present.
Lisa reveals all she's eaten that evening is a scone. Her friends find the situation quite amusing.

"It's SCONE to my head!" giggles Lisa.
"Lisa Scone-Lee!" laughs her friend.

"Too Far Scone!" chirps the other.
The next day, Nathan phones Lisa. She's got just five days to secure a record deal and only one label is interested - Concept. Lisa must have a song recorded by Friday... she's straight back into the recording studio, singing a song named 'Rescue'.

"Nobody says you're perfect, nobody seems to care, when I'm almost there..."
"And if I'm falling for you now, don't rescue me..."
A short while later at Concept HQ, the record executives decide on Lisa's next single.
They choose 'Electric' as the next single, because it is more "instant", and decide to call Lisa.
"She might have a bit of a moan... but what's new?"
Nathan breaks the news to Lisa.

"He'd really like to go with Electric."
Lisa grimaces.

"My instinct was that we should go with 'Never or now'."

She decides to call new record boss Max, to try and change his mind.
"If you're asking me 'Am I going to have a top ten with this?', I don't know."
Some of Max's staff are less than impressed with Lisa's complaint.

"Either she wants a record coming out or she doesn't!"
"I love Lisa dearly. But she's an artist. Artists don't always know what is actually best for them."
Again close to tears, Lisa calls husband Johnny for a chat. Is 'Electric' the right choice?




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