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Lisa back in Dubai

Posted 29th Aug 2013 @ 11.01 by GenSTEPS
Lisa has confirmed on Twitter that she has returned to Dubai. She last tweeted on 4 June where she thanked her bandmates for a fun day in the sun.

Official Steps tweeted on 28 May that Steps had not split and the group were just working on solo projects.

It had been rumoured that Steps will return in 2014 with new music. Lisa's tweet at least suggests there are no imminent plans for the group.

Clips video for Light Up The World

Posted 19th Oct 2012 @ 12.04 by GenSTEPS

The music video to STEPS Light Up The World will be a clips-montage as the band have not recorded a music video for the song, says a fragrance launch insider.

STEPS unveil Guilty Pleasure

Posted 19th Oct 2012 @ 11.10 by GenSTEPS

STEPS unveiled their fragrance Guilty Pleasure at a press event in central London last night - and also performed their new track Light Up The World.

The fragrance was described as 'fizzy' and "like refreshers" by the band speaking on the Graham Norton radio show last week.

STEPS CHRISTMAS tracklisting revealed

Posted 13th Oct 2012 @ 14.01 by GenSTEPS
STEPS have revealed the tracklisting for their Christmas album:

1. History Is Made At Night
2. Overjoyed
3. It May Be Winter Outside
4. One Less Bell To Answer
5. A House Is Not A Home
6. Light Up The World
7. When She Loved Me
8. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
9. Please Come Home For Christmas
10. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

STEPS to release NEW ALBUM and TOUR

Posted 24th Sep 2012 @ 09.22 by GenSTEPS

STEPS have announced a new Winter / Festive themed album called LIGHT UP THE WORLD which will be released on 12 November 2012.

They will also embark on a Christmas mini-tour singing some of the hits they didn't perform at their UK Arena Tour.

Plymouth Pavilion - 30 November
Sheffield City Hall - 1 December
London Palladium - 2 December
Manchester Apollo - 3 December
Glasgow Royal Concert Hall - 4 December
Wolverhampton Civic Hall - 5 December

STEPS to perform at Manchester Pride

Posted 7th Jul 2012 @ 00.25 by GenSTEPS
STEPS are to perform at Manchester Pride in August.

The deal was bagged by owner of the G-A-Y brand of night clubs, Jeremy Joseph.

Speaking at the announcement, he said "last year we presented Sugababes and Alexandra Burke. We were determined to top that and when it comes to Pride, there is only one act that can - the ultimate party pop sensations STEPS. It will be a Tragedy if you miss them, so start learning the dance routine because you'll be expected to join in."

Tickets are available at for £15.

Lisa and Faye attend Royal Ascot

Posted 21st Jun 2012 @ 12.03 by GenSTEPS

Love's got a hold on my hat! Lisa and Faye attended Royal Ascot yesterday in some very fetching outfits. Lisa wore a flippin' enormous hat. Amazing.

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SKY Living to show o2 concert

Posted 19th May 2012 @ 08.50 by GenSTEPS

Ultimate Steps are reporting that STEPS' concert at the o2 Arena will be broadcast on SKY Living on 28 May and also on SKY 3D.

The programme will be a chopped down 60 minute concert, losing 45 minutes from the performance.

So what will be cut? After all the attention drawn to Claire's bronchitis and the risk of STEPS spontaneously combusting whilst dancing with flames, we'd hazard a guess that I Surrender and Better The Devil You Know will remain.

STEPS to release Christmas Album and Tour

Posted 14th May 2012 @ 13.59 by GenSTEPS

We heard whispers last week that STEPS are planning a Christmas album and a Christmas tour for the end of this year and now it's being reported in the Daily Star.

It was suggested to GenSTEPS that this will be the "farewell" tour, ending on December 22nd 2012 "the way it should have" ten years ago.

But the Daily Star have gone as far as to attribute a quote to Claire, stating "We’ve talked about this and to bridge the gap and keep things ticking over, a Christmas album? You know, pop Christmas songs, like Mariah Carey. Also songs that were big at Christmas, like Stay Another Day by East 17."

Faye is quoted as adding “We know that we do want to go forward. We need to find the right team and make the record.”

Will this rumour hold up? As yet, STEPS have not recorded any new tracks.

But here's a bit of enjoyable idle speculation; nearly all members of STEPS have had songs they've written submitted (or resubmitted with amendments) to the songwriting database in the last 2 months.

Missing You - by Lee - 4 April 2012
See Me - by Lee - 4 April 2012
Free - by Lee - 26 Apr 2012
Played My Heart - by H and Claire - 24 March 2012
All I Can Say - by Faye - 9 May 2012
Auf Liebe Eingestellt - by Lisa (and Eliot Kennedy) - 4 April 2012

These tracks could be long lost relics from abandoned solo careers, or they could be submissions for an upcoming STEPS album?

And to clarify, we know some of them have been around for a long time, but the point to note is they've been resubmitted, with amendments, in the last three months.


Ian's baby agony

Posted 14th May 2012 @ 13.50 by GenSTEPS

The Daily Star reports that Ian and boyfriend Craig Ryder have tragically lost their baby.

They chose an unidentified woman from America to carry their baby last year but the singer found out she had miscarried whilst touring with the STEPS Ultimate Tour.

He told The People newspaper, "One week were were showing off our new nappy (diaper) bags, the next week it was over."

"I can still remember listening to the baby's heartbeat in a recording from the 12 week scan and thinking 'That's our little one.' We had a due date - October 8."

"We were thinking of names, and we even planned our first Christmas as a family. We were both ready to be dads."

"Finding out our surrogate had miscarried was like being hit in the face. It was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I just feel empty and helpless."

He added "I appreciate a lot more what we have together, and what having this child means. When we do finally get there we'll know how lucky we are."

STEPS On The Road Again: Episode 2

Posted 1st May 2012 @ 22.24 by GenSTEPS

On this week's STEPS On The Road Again, the band's tour was plagued with technical problems. Will they ever make it on stage? (Yes. They did.)

Here's what you missed! Click the player for more.

PICTURE: Claire Reveals Biography Cover

Posted 24th Apr 2012 @ 08.32 by GenSTEPS
Claire has revealed the cover for her autobiography 'All Of Me'. It's one of two covers that the book will come with when it is released on 5 July 2012.

In STEPS On The Road Again last night, we saw Claire attend a top secret photoshoot for the autobiography. Not so secret now!

STEPS On The Road Again: Episode 1

Posted 24th Apr 2012 @ 00.16 by GenSTEPS

STEPS returned to Sky Living with their new series STEPS On The Road Again last night. As we've come to expect, it was must-see TV.

Here's what you missed! Click the player for more.

STEPS kick off their Ultimate Tour

Posted 3rd Apr 2012 @ 00.57 by GenSTEPS

STEPS opened their Ultimate Tour in Belfast last night, and the set list did not disappoint. No spoilers here though, if you want to know what songs were performed you'll find all the info on the Ultimate Tour page.

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