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Ian 'H' Watkins Ian 'H' Watkins

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Ian Watkins was born on May 8th 1976, although at what time he has no idea! If you hadn't already realised from seeing him on TV, Ian is completely hyper-active - and that's where he got his nickname, H.

Thats not to say he doesn't have a serious side, it's just that he doesn't let it show very often! Ian grew up in Llwynypia in Rhondda, Wales and retains that lovely Welsh accent. As a child, Ian was exactly how you would expect him to be, up to lots of naughty tricks! One of his most notable memories involved buying a terrapin and letting it loose in an aquarium full of tiger fish and barb sharks. The outcome was inevitable, the terrapin ate the lot and drove his mum up the wall in the process!

Ian recalls the first ever item of clothing that he bought himself; a rather fetching pair of jeans with Fred Flintstone on one leg and Barny Rubble on the other. And it seems his taste in clothing hasn't changed a bit over the years - as part of STEPS, Ian made canary yellow popular and the Paul Frank monkey t-shirts famous!

Ian's first taste for showbiz came when he was only nine years old, as he always enjoyed being on stage, although when he was younger he also wanted to become a vet! His house was said to be like a zoo, jam-packed with a vast array of animals ranging from Boris the pet tarantula, Ben the dog, his terrapin, and the fish that were left over after it had got to them, and a big fluffy lop-eared rabbit.

Ian's playful personality allowed him to shine as part of pop supergroup STEPS, and he formed a special bond with Welsh bandmate Lisa. The duo were constantly rolling around with laughter, often causing problems for their TV interviewers!

Following STEPS, Ian released an album with former bandmate Claire, and has since had a diverse career. In 2003, Ian was a ratings winner as the host of SM:TV Live, and starred in his own TV series, H Side Story in 2005.

Since graduating at The Royal Academy of Music with a distinction, and furthering his studies at New York's Stella Adler Studio, Ian has recorded a radio drama, performed in the West End and even showed his 'serious side' in adult comedy Before Bristol.

Ian's CV is as glittering as his personality, and he's only just getting started.






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