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Faye Tozer

Glitter Boots Saved My Life
Description: Faye performs 'Glitter Boots Saved My Life', live, as part of the "Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens" musical.
Date added: 28th May 2009
Tags:Saucy Jack, Performance
Featuring:Faye Tozer
Faye on Big Brother's Big Mouth
Description: Faye appears on Big Brother's Big Mouth to show her support for H.
Date added: 28th May 2009
Tags:Big Brother
Featuring:Faye Tozer
Someone Like You
Description: Faye and Russell Watson perform Someone Like You, live.
Date added: 28th May 2009
Tags:Someone Like You, Performance, Live
Featuring:Faye Tozer, Russell Watson
These Boots Are Made For Walking
Description: Faye sings 'These Boots Are Made For Walking' in the muscal 'Love Shack'.
Date added: 17th January 2007
Tags:Love Shack
Featuring:Faye Tozer
Faye on ITV News
Description: Faye discusses 'Saucy Jack And The Space Vixens' on ITV News, with Leyla Deybelge.
Date added: 18th January 2007
Tags:Saucy Jack And The Space Vixens
Featuring:Faye Tozer




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