Steps in 2022
Claire Richards

Claire Richards started her pop career in 1995, signing a short but sweet record deal with the girl band TSD. After two singles, the band decided to call it a day, but Claire was determined to keep heading for the stars. After answering the advert for a pop-group audition, Claire made the cut and joined H, Lee, Lisa and Faye to become one of the biggest selling British pop groups of all time.

In early 2000, Claire went side by side with band mate H to present the young talent show Steps To The Stars. She was also the first female guest presenter on SM:tv live and CD:uk filling in for Cat Deeley while she was on holiday. Other presenting credits include Smash Hits Poll Winners party, Electric Circus, MTV Select, Stars and Their Doubles 2001 with Des O’Connor.

After Steps, Claire joined forces with H to record and release the album 'Another You Another Me' which spawned three top ten hits. During this time the duo also went on to present SMTV for most of the 2002.

After years out of the spotlight, Claire returned in 2007, announcing in OK! magazine that she was expecting her first child with her fiance Reece. Claire and Reece welcomed Charlie to the world on 8 May 2007. Claire then made her first tv appearance in many years on Celebrity Masterchef in 2008. Throughout 2008 Claire also took on the mammoth task of losing the best part of six stone in time for her wedding to Reece in November 2008. Her journey was documented by the production company Spun Gold for a BBC3 documentary "Claire Richards: My big fat wedding". The show received fantastic ratings and was one of the highest rated digital shows of 2009.

In April 2009, Claire fell pregnant with her second child and gave birth to Daisy in December of the same year. She then undertook the task of losing the weight she had gained during her pregnancy, but vowing to do it the right way and in her own time.

So in 2011 Claire revealed her successful weight loss and started filming again with Spun Gold for the three-part documentary 'Slave to Food' which was a massive success for Sky Living.

June saw Claire take part in the ITV series Popstar to Operastar which was a great confidence boost and instrumental in reigniting her passion and love of singing.

At just the right time it seems as late September saw the arrival of Steps Reunion on Sky Living, prompting the channel's highest rated shows of the year, a number one album and a sell out arena tour for the band. Not bad for a girl from Middlesex...

Full Name: Claire Ann Richards
Nicknames: Clara, Gadget Steps
Date Of Birth: 17 August 1977
Birth place: Hillington, Middlesex
Star Sign: Leo
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Blonde
Height: 5"6'

Hobby: Reading
Sport: Football
Item of clothing: Combats and trainers
Person: Karen Carpenter
Food: Ice cream
Singer: Celine Dion
Group: Backstreet Boys
Actor: Leonardo Di Caprio

How do you unwind?
Watch the telly with a pizza, a tub of ice-cream, followed by a hot bath.

Words most likely to be heard from you?
Fantastic, really.

If you weren't in Steps, what would you be doing?
Anything in the music business, behind the scenes or I once wanted to be chef.

What would be your ideal vaction?
Being surrounded by all my friends and family for the whole day.

What bands would you like to work with the most?
As many as possible, I don't really mind who!

What's the highlight of your career so far?
Performing at Wembley Arena in England in front of a huge audience and millions of viewers on TV.

What's the most embarrasing you've done?
Tripping up a flight of stairs and headbutting a door backstage in front of the whole crew.

What's important to you?
My family and friends firstly and then my career and to be happy.

Describe yourself?
Friendly, loyal, kind-hearted, slightly bossy, easygoing and outgoing.