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Me And My Girl
Faye Tozer in a publicity photo for 'Me And My Girl'
Me And My Girl
Venue: Various
Run: 01.09.06-16.12.06


Me And My Girl

Notepad Icon  About The Show

The classic British musical 'Me And My Girl' is to tour the UK in a brand new production directed and choreographed by the young Broadway director, Warren Carlyle.

Perfect for all the family, the show is packed full of instantly recognisable classics such as Leaning On a Lamppost, The Sun Has Got His Hat On, Me and My Girl and the irrepressibly rousing Lambeth Walk.

This 2006 production, which has new revisions by Stephen Fry, marks the start of the 70th Birthday celebrations for L Arthur Rose, Douglas Furber and Noel Gay’s legendary show, as well as 21 years since the acclaimed Adelphi Theatre run, which introduced a young Emma Thompson to the British public.

Notepad Icon  Plot Summary

Lord Hareford has passed away, and his will reveals the shocking news that he elected an heir during a youthful, unfortunate marriage with a working class woman. The heir is tracked down and brought the Hareford Hall for the family's inspection and they discover - to their horror - that he is Bill Snibson, a costermonger from the London parish of Lambeth.

Most of them want nothing to do with him, but the Duchess of Dene believes that blood will tell, and is determined to make a gentleman of the young man - which involves seperating him from his sweetheart Sally.

Lady Jacqueline Carstone is equally determined to part the lovers for her own purposes, and ditches her fiance Gerald Bolingbroke to move in on the new Lord and snag his millions!

The various parties pull Bill in many different directions, creating comic situations, until finally the Duchess persuades Sally to leave Bill and allow him to become a gentleman.

The Duchess begins to realise that Bill is his own man and will bring great benefits to the fusty escutcheons of Hareford Hall, and wishes she had not been so determined to see off the feisty Sally. However, kindly Uncle John has followed Sally back to Lambeth and persuades her to take some elocution lessons from a friend. She returns to Hareford Hall as a lady, every bit Bill's equal.






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