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Saucy Jack And The Space Vixens
Faye Tozer in a publicity photo for 'Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens'
Saucy Jack And The Space Vixens
Venue: The Venue, Leicester Square
Run: Mon-Sat 06.12.05-04.02.06
(Advance previews 24.11.05)


Saucy Jack And The Space Vixens

Notepad Icon  About The Show

Set in a seedy cabaret bar on planet Frottage III, Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens tells the story of enigmatic and charming bar host Saucy Jack and his cabaret girls.

The show opens as Vulva Savannah becomes the latest victim of a serial killer known as "The Slingback Killer", who appears to be working his way through Saucy Jack's cabaret girls. The only clue is a sparkly slingback plunged into the chest of each victim.

Help arrives in the shape of "The Space Vixens"; highly trendy and super sexy crime fighters led by Jubilee Climax (Faye Tozer), Queen of the Space Vixens. Can they save the day?

Notepad Icon  Plot Summary

Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens is set in a fully functioning, futuristic cabaret bar. The audience can buy drinks from the bar, interact with the characters, find a table and enjoy the show. There is no stage - the show takes place all around the audience and in between in the tables!

The story takes place in Saucy Jack's cabaret bar on a particular night in an unspecified future...

Faye Tozer in a publicity photo for 'Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens'

In a universe consumed by eco-wars and the persecution of plastic, a notorious planet, Frottage III, offers refuge to the deprived in the shape of Saucy Jack's cabaret bar. A dark and seedy club, presided over by the alluring and charismatic Saucy Jack. But all is not well. Danger lurks in every corner as the cabaret acts are being picked off one by one by the notorious Slingback Killer. The slayer's deadly calling card? The heel of a glittering shoe is plunged into the victim's chest!

Who will be the next innocent victim?

Will it be Vulva Savannah, entertainer and waitress? Booby Shevalle, who dreams of running away to the Academy to join the Space Vixens? Perhaps it will be sexy barman, Mitch Maypole? Or saxaphonist Sammy Sax, whose talents appear far too great for such a grotty club as Saucy Jack's.

Bar-fly Dr. Von Whackoff is another contender, as is plastic smuggler Chesty Prospects. Can the club survive under such an evil shadow? Or has Jack got it all under control?

Enter the Space Vixens: interstellar, super-fashion crime-fighters, who aim to bring the killer to justice and save the day with the power of DISCO!

As federal agents from a groovier galaxy, the Space Vixens are above the laws of Frottage III. Descendants of an ancient tribe of cosmic women, whose power is derived from the sound of a disco beat, and whose glitter boots reflect their divine power, infinite wisdom and ultimate funk.

Disco has become a religion, and the Space Vixens are its prophets, harnessing its power to protect and liberate those with a gift for glitter. This is a story of lust and liberation, death and disco. A tale where dreams prevail in the face of oppression and, by the power of disco, justice is finally served!






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