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Allstar Workout

The Allstar Workout The Allstar Workout

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Video Name
The Allstar Workout

90 mins (approx).

Date Released
2nd October 2006.

Classification / Region
Exempt from classification / Region 2


Take the celebrity approach to keep fit with The Allstar Workout!

Tone up, lose weight, or simply improve your general wellbeing. Introduced by Oscar nominee Kate Winslet, the programme features a variety of workouts each presented by a different celebrity (24 in all, including Faye Tozer, Patsy Palmer, Melinda Messenger, and Jo Wiley).

Personal trainer to the stars Efua Baker is on hand to dispense advice, making the four week training plan more manageable. Of course, no fitness plan would be complete without a guide to healthy eating, provided here by celebrity chefs Gordon and Tana Ramsay.




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