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Faye and Plastic Cinema

Plastic Cinema Plastic Cinema

Notepad Icon  Introduction

In 2006, Faye recorded two tracks as a guest vocalist, with music act 'Plastic Cinema'.

The tracks appeared on Plastic Cinema's myspace page after Faye recorded them in her spare time. They can be obtained on Plastic Cinema's EP which is distributed at gigs.

The EP has not been 'officially' released by a record label.

Star Icon  About Plastic Cinema


Fresh from your local electronica merchant comes something so tasty you have to take a bite. The recipe is an eclectic one: take two parts quirk, a dash of emotional verbosity, and mix it all together in a deep melodic soundscape.

It’s time to feel clinically reflective. Prepare yourself for Plastic Cinema.

Listening to this artistic endeavor will engulf you in sumptuous music which will transport you to a world where James Bond and George Clinton mingle with cocktails at a party thrown by Air. Conceived out of two hardcore softcore lovers, Plastic Cinema consists of two musical soulmates: Svetlana Valenti and Phelan Kane. What can be said about these two? Lots, but let’s keep it brief.

After spending most of 2003 touring around the planet with Moby (including Glastonbury & Knebworth) our girl Svet decided it was time to get down and dirty with her musical comrade. Always a lover of electronica, Svet brings her raw groove and sex appeal through her kicking bass, vocal and song writing talent. The other half of Plastic Cinema was pretty much born with headphones on his bonce and finds the studio the habitat of choice. Our boy Phelan is a seasoned pro, developing acute hearing through his work with the likes of Placebo, Dido and Gus Dugeon. In the studio birthing beats and programming the soul into music, Phelan brings a focused direction to the musical journey.

Together, these two have melted together musically and have managed to deliver one hell of an aural hug. Take a listen to tracks such as “Take Me Under”, “I Wish”, "Any Minute Now' and “Sleeping” and get a full understanding of the talent on offer.

This EP is the result of over a year in the studio writing, recording and injecting caffeine directly into the veins... all for the purpose of delivering some listening pleasure. Welcome Plastic Cinema into your soundscape, and don’t forget... just relax and let it wash over you.






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