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Love Shack
Faye Tozer in a publicity photo for 'Love Shack'
Love Shack
Venue: Various
Run: 24.02.05 - 30.07.05


Love Shack

Notepad Icon  About The Show

Featuring a collection of Britain's best loved disco tracks, 'Love Shack' was advertised as 'The New Pop Musical'.

On her hen night, bride-to-be Joanne finds her future husband Sam dirty dancing with another woman! The marriage is called off, and it's left down to the couple's friends to save the day, and convince the couple to get back together.

The show boasted a lineup of well known stars, with Jon Lee (S Club), Noel Sullivan (Hear'Say) and Faye Tozer (STEPS) all taking lead roles.

Notepad Icon  Plot Summary

Sam is engaged to be married to the beautiful Joanne. He's the happiest man on Earth - well, almost. Joanne and her friends Bonnie (Faye Tozer) and AJ are determined to plan every detail of the big wedding without him. And Sam's flatmate Will thinks Sam is making the worst mistake of his life!

Things come to a head on the stag and hen night, when Jo finds Sam enjoying some intimate dancing with a mystery woman. Suddenly the wedding - and the whole relationship - is off!

Bonnie, AJ and Will have to reunite the unhappy couple - but how can they do it when Sam and Jo aren't even talking?

Perhaps the answer lies in an empty curry house and three very different flashbacks...






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