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Lisa Scott Lee's schoolgirl dreams of fame whilst growing up in Rhyl, Wales were realised as part of Steps, one of Britain's biggest ever pop acts.

From singles and albums to TV shows, magazines and merchandise, Steps were a pop phenomenon. Lisa was determined from childhood that fame and fortune would be hers. She was encouraged by her parents, declaring "My dad was my inspiration, he always told me, 'you'll be alright princess, your face will be your fortune!' I used to laugh and say I hoped I'd get recognised for my talent as well!"

In her teens Lisa's ambitions grew, often using family weddings and parties as an excuse to show off her singing and dancing skills. Her profile rose locally on winning two beauty contests - Miss Rhyl and Miss Abergele. This exposure, combined with modelling for her father's photography, ensured that she was no stranger to the camera.

At Ysgol Emrys Ap Iwan Lisa excelled at music, dance and drama, while treading the boards in school theatre led to leading roles in their productions of 'Grease' and 'Bugsy Malone'.

In spite of high aspirations, Lisa went through several jobs to earn extra money. Free cakes singled out her stint at a baker's as her favourite, while serving fries in McDonalds comes bottom - although the money from it enabled her to buy her first car. Despite thinking signs for road bumps meant camel humps, she passed her test and was able to leave the burgers behind - though she says she can still remember the prices by heart!

At 17 she left Rhyl, having won a place at the prestigious London Conti Stage School, and after graduating went on tour as a professional singer and dancer, before auditioning for pop group STEPS.






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