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Lisa Scott-Lee
Dancing On Ice
Broadcast: September 2008
Broadcaster: ITV2
Producer: Zeppotron & Initial for ITV2


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Fasten your seatbelts, because ITV2 is taking to the skies with CelebAir - a real plane, flying to real places, staffed by real celebrities!

In the eight-part series, 11 celebrities take on a range of jobs to become CelebAirís star employee and win thousands of pounds for the charity of their choice.

Functioning as a regular airline, members of the public can book to fly with CelebAir to a host of glamorous locations as the celebrity crew take on roles from check-in clerks to air stewards - and they could be anyone from a famous sportsman to a pop star.

Cruising at 35,000-feet, viewers will see all the tensions and frustrations as the celebrity crew dish out the pretzels and pour out the bubbly.

They'll be mentored by four air staff with a lot of experience, and will be pulled up on any mistakes they make!

Brian Martin
Ground Crew Mentor
Lauren Newton
Ground Crew Mentor
Ross Archer
Air Crew Mentor
Sarah Turner
Air Crew Mentor

CelebAir will push our celebrities to their limits - one day they will be dealing with a hell-raising hen party coming back from a night in Malaga, and the next they will have to cope with a delayed flight full of families heading out to Alicante.

At every stage of the journey the famous faces will be judged and rated by their own passengers, and each week the worst performing celebrity gets given the boot.


Star Icon  Lisa's Performance

Lisa on CelebAir

Week 1

Role performed: Hosting in the departure lounge.
Duties include: Looking after guests, passenger care and topping up drinks - but not too much!
Comments: "I had to wait a while for my cup of tea. In the end I just got up and got it myself." (Su-Elise Nash, Misteeq)
"They're doing extremely well as a team." (Brian Martin, Mentor)
Memorable moments: When Chico and Micha Barton wouldn't stop arguing in the training room, brave Lisa stepped in. "It's about time you two sorted it out. We're all here to learn."

Star Icon  Lisa's 'CelebAir' Biography


Travel essentials: Waterproof mascara, book, iPod
Fantasy passenger: Brad Pitt
Swimsuit or bikini: "Bikini to get a tan, a swimsuit when Iím swimming."

Like many a celeb, Lisa started off her showbiz career at the Italia Conti Theatre of Performing Arts in London.

After graduating, she became one fifth of pop phenomenon Steps, achieving four number one albums and 14 top five hits in the five years they were together.

After going solo in 2003 Lisa was approached by MTV and offered her own fly-on-the-wall series Totally Scott-Lee.

And who could forget Lisa in sequins and spandex on ITV1ís very own Dancing on Ice in 2006?

Now sheís about to add another strength to her CV!

ďMy worst flight ever was almost getting chucked out of first class, when H from Steps and I had a food fight. It had been a really long journey and we were bored, Now Iím on the other side I realise that was a bit naughty!Ē





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