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Episode 7

"It's Totally Scott-Lee Live here on MTV, and we have just been joined by the bravest woman in pop!"
"I've worked as hard as I can this week. That's all you can do."
"I've done everything I could do this week, and I can't do any more. So it makes you feel quite calm really."
"Totally Scott-Lee has been a year in the making, it's received fantastic reviews. It's been great to watch, you're the talk of the town... here's this week's episode of Totally Scott-Lee."
At Concept, the bosses discuss their single's prospects.

"There's enough records out there to go top 3, if they sell."
Lisa is set to promote her new single at a gay pride event...
...but first it's Nathan who takes to the stage.
The crowd are less than impressed.
Luckily, Lisa's performance goes down much better. The gays love Lisa! And Lisa loves the gays.
The next morning, preparing for a GMTV performance, Nathan has some bad news.

"I think we may have a bit of a problem, with the word 'vibrator' in the video."

Lisa is unhappy. "We should have thought about this, shouldn't we."
Lisa proceeds with her interview. "I give a lot to the audience, and I want to have some feedback, some good feedback."
The next morning, Lisa prepares for CD:UK, but Nathan warns her. "I think they'll go for you today."
"Don't let them steer it in a negative way, turn it into a positive. 'I've made a great record'."
On the show, a txt-in vote reveals a negative result. Lisa remains optimistic, despite scrawny presenter Lauren's best attempts to turn things sour.

Presenter Myleene looks on uneasily, and tries to steer things back on track.

"So has that given you hope then?" she smiles.

"There's always hope!" giggles Lisa.
After the show, Lisa visits her mother.

"They say 'Oh well, if it doesn't go top ten, MTV have said she's got to quit' which, you know, I feel s**t about it, I wish I had never said it."
"I think we have made some bad decisions along the way."
Jan realises the fans are upset at various poor choices the incompetent Nathan Moore has made.

"Looking at the website, according to the kids, and these are kids, not adults... and they're absolutely furious."
It's the day of release, and Lisa sends text messages to the other members of STEPS.

"Hey guys, just a reminder that my new single 'Electric' is out today, all support welcomed, thanks. Lots of love, Lisa x."

"That's kinda saying 'Buy it' in a nice way isn't it. Buy it, bitches!"
Lisa makes sure she has time to buy both CDs of the new single.
It's the end of the day, and the midweek position has been decided. Friends and family gather at Scott-Lee Mansions to throw a surprise party for Lisa.
Lisa is totally surprised!
The evening culminates in a grand firework display, and everybody cheers for Lisa.
"I hope it's top ten after that!"
But there's an unexpected interruption.

"I've got two really upset kids now because that scared the living daylights out of them. And I'm halfway down the other road!" snarls an angry mother (who by rights, should have been sat with her frightened children consoling them, no?).

"Oops." replies Lisa.
The next morning at Concept, things aren't any less tense as the midweek chart positions arrive.

"I've just had a call babe. We're f**ked. 26."

Max is sympathetic.
"I genuinely feel for Lisa."
Rosanne is somewhat less so.
"Well I don't, mate. I don't feel that f**king sorry for her."
An unexpected phone call brings good news to Concept HQ - the single's sales from Woolworths had only just been counted, so the actual midweek position of Electric is 15!
Lisa is informed of her midweek chart position.

"It's still not top 10 is it." :(
Nana calls in from Benidorm to hear the news, and although disappointed reassures Lisa the chart position will improve.
Lisa hears the chart position of similar acts.

"Jenny Frost is at 50! Bl**dy hell. And... I might be 14, and not 15!"
Back at Concept, there's some final discussions about Lisa's career.

"I think we all know that regardless of where Lisa ends up, we know that there is a huge future and expansive territories out there for Lisa to go and make her mark. To release this single, her new album... who cares about 'reaching number 10 in the UK or else I've got to give up', who actually cares about that? The public don't!"
"Lisa, the results are in. The British record buying and downloading public have spoken."
"Everyone at home has already heard the chart, but we've kept you hidden from it all day... I can tell you now that there are five new entries in this week's top 20, and you are one of them!"
"According to the Official UK Singles Chart, published today, Sunday the 16th October 2005..."
"...your single 'Electric' entered the chart at..."
"...number 13!"
"Oh well!"
"Now Lisa, you set yourself the target of getting a top ten hit, you just missed out narrowly, but we all think that number 13 is great, you're higher than number 23, so people, put your hands together! Let's hear it for Lisa Scott-Lee!"
Much cheering.
And thus ends the tensest moment in Lisa's career, but there's still one final episode to follow. "Lisa Scott-Lee, we salute you!" chirps the presenter.




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