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Episode 2

It's episode 2 of 'Totally Scott-Lee' !

Time has moved on since 'Get It On' limped its way to 23 in the charts, and Lisa is having a manicure with mother Jan.
Lisa ponders her next move. Is it worth releasing another single if, after six months of promotion, her last attempted failed to impress?
Jan offers some words of wisdom.
"At the end of the day, the people either like you and they want to be on your side, or they don't."
"Maybe they don't like me"
muses Lisa remorsefully.
Jan reassures her daughter.
"Well, I've got to be honest. A lot of the time, they don't seem to like you!"
Lisa considers a new career direction whilst smearing butter on a scone.

"I could just be a celebrity, just turn up, they call them, you know, there's PA's. Personal appearances."
"It'd just be... easier."
Meanwhile, Andy and Michelle are in TESCO doing their weekly shopping. Luckily, their shopping has gone undisturbed.
Until suddenly, they are approached by a woman - one of Michelle's adoring fans?

"Excuse me! Do you know who I thought you was? The Spice Girl! David Beckingham's wife Victoria!!"
The woman laughs. How embarrassing to mistake Michelle Heaton of Liberty X for Victoria Beckham. Bemused, the woman leaves, whilst Michelle explains why the woman was confused.

"We've got the same extensions."
Back home, Lisa is slipping into a glamorous gown to celebrate her first wedding anniversary.

"Ahh," she sighs, "Princess Scott-Lee."
Lisa compliments her husband.

"You look even more handsome now 'cos you've lost all that weight!"
Lisa interrupts the romantic dinner with some shocking news for Johnny; his love just isn't enough for her.

"I want to have a love affair with the public. And I want to give them everything I can give them."
"And I want them to give me something back."
"The bottom line is, I quite like just being a celebrity and not having the pressure of releasing records, and praying that people are going to buy them."
The next morning, Lisa cries again as Johnny leaves home to be in the show "Starlight Express".
"What have you got to remember?" asks a somewhat indifferent Johnny.

"That you love me" replies Lisa.
Luckily, Lisa has soon cheered up and is helping judge the "Miss Wales" competition.
Lisa finds time to sign a few autographs.
The next day, Lisa's on the move again! This time she's been called up to open a jewellery store, but is having difficulty finding the shop.
Lisa cuts the tape and declares the store open.
At their next meeting, an increasingly desperate Nathan tries to convince Lisa to change her career direction, and try her hand at acting or presenting.
Lisa doesn't seem keen, so Nathan tries another approach: Lisa should join a guitar band!
"If I suddenly get a guitar out, is it believable?"
Later, whilst on the train, Lisa calls Nathan regarding a newspaper article she's read. According to a tabloid, Lisa and Johnny's relationship is "in crisis talks", and Lisa is not happy with the lies that have been printed.
Nathan takes a risk, and asks Lisa whether she's sure Johnny has been loyal.
"Are you sure he's not up to no good?"

Lisa is not best impressed.
"Ring Johnny, and you ask that. If you're brave enough!" she laughs.
Career-wise, it's looking more positive for Andy, as he raises champagne with Nathan and Michelle in celebration of his new record deal with 'Concept'.
Back at home, Lisa cheers herself up with a girly night out.
And appears to get quite sloshed in the process!
The next day, whilst Lisa presumably nurses a hangover, Andy heads off to Newcastle. He's secretly off to visit Michelle's parents, to ask if he can marry Michelle...!




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