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Dancing On Ice


Lisa Scott-Lee
Dancing On Ice
Broadcast: January 2007
Broadcaster: ITV1
Producer: ITV Granada for ITV

Dancing On Ice

TV Icon  About The Show

Eleven celebrities and eleven professional ice skaters are teamed up in pairs, and go head-to-head in television's glitziest show!

Each week, the couples must perform a routine on ice, in order to impress the show's judges, and the audience watching at home. The audience then vote for their favourite couple, and the couple with the least votes leaves the competition.

The aim of all this? To be crowned the stars of 'Dancing On Ice 2007'! Expect a few bumps and bruises, as well as the obligatory glamorous costumes and spectacular stunts.


Star Icon  Lisa's Performances

Lisa performing on ice

Week 1

Song performed: Dancing Queen by ABBA.
Commentary: An impressive three-spin tornado lift set the standard for the start of the programme, but Lisa fell momentarily which cost her some points.
Judges' Score: 17.5 / 30
Lisa performing on ice

Week 2

Song performed: Ain't No Other Man by Christina Aguilera.
Commentary: "Fierce! Fantastic! Phenomenal attack."
Judges' Score: 22.5 / 30
Lisa performing on ice

Week 3

Song performed: It Had To Be You by Harry Connick Jr.
Commentary: "Glorious to watch! But you do need to keep your eyes open!"
Judges' Score: 25 / 30
Lisa performing on ice

Week 4

Song performed: The Closest Thing To Crazy by Katie Melua.
Commentary: "Lisa, you were born to be a skater! You were beautiful tonight. The expression was absolutely perfect for this romance music."
Judges' Score: 23.5 / 30
Lisa performing on ice

Week 5

Song performed: Man! I Feel Like A Woman by Shania Twain.
Commentary: "From the knees up, you are one of the strongest and most confident."
Judges' Score: 24.5 / 30
Lisa performing on ice

Week 6

Song performed: Smooth by Santana.
Commentary: "Lisa you are a natural."
Judges' Score: 23.5 / 30

Star Icon  Lisa's 'Dancing On Ice' Biography


Lisa Scott-Lee is trying to placate her quaking mum, who is terrified her daughter will be forced to perform the infamous ‘headbanger’!

Yes, Lisa’s partner is Matt Evers, who glided into last year’s final with Bonnie Langford, having cajoled her into going for that scary move.

But Lisa’s mother had better have a cup of strong, sweet tea to hand, because the feisty gal is getting curious... ”I’m thinking maybe I should try it,” she grins.

Uh-oh, the pop cutie had better be careful – she’s already popped one of her ribs out attempting a lift in training! Ouch!

Lisa is getting on famously with all of the skating celebs – but one person she might have to get used to is Christopher Dean himself.

“The first day I got on the ice, Christopher spun me around a lot and it freaked me out and I lost all my confidence,” she reveals. “I only had a little bit anyway! I was close to walking out.”

But now that confidence is rising, any tips for us novices?

“Wear big knickers and padded underwear!” she giggles. You heard it here first people!






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