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Episode 3

It's episode 3, and Lisa's reviewing her MTV contract as she plans her next single.
"I've decided I'm going to release another single, and MTV have challenged me to get it into the top 10 on the 16th of October, or I have to give up."
Tension is running high between Andy and Michelle on holiday. Previously, Andy tried to push Michelle into the swimming pool whilst she was lying on a stony ledge. Michelle is not letting her frustration go unnoticed.
"These beds are probably the most uncomfortable beds I've ever been on"
moans Andy.

"Try being pushed on gravel" retorts Michelle.
Lisa is back in the studio, and attempting to write a comeback single. She throws around some ideas for lyrics.
Lisa considers a new career direction whilst smearing butter on a scone.

"No one is better... no one is gonna stop me now... I'm gonna... de de de de de de derr... cos I'm up against it..."
The songwriters chip in.
"I'm gonna fight 'cos I'm up against it."
The track is penned and Lisa's in the studio. She makes some final adjustments to her songsheet, stressing her need to write in black pen.
"I can't write in blue, I have to write in black. I'm a bit weird like that."
Lisa begins her recording.

"I'll blow you away, then I'll do it again, there ain't... oh... f**k"
Lisa tries again.

"It was late afternoon, when I woke in your room, was it real or just imagination? Am I right to assume, that it happened too soon, need a sign or just an explanation..."
Lisa's on her to open a new sports stadium after she was given the gig due to a cancellation by Noel from Hear'say. She expresses doubt over whether she's found the right song.

"I'm looking for an undeniable smash."
Tony is full of advice.

"They're not easy to come across, these songs."
Meanwhile, manager Nathan is preparing to perform on stage himself.
However, thusfar Tony has been unimpressed with Nathan's performances.

"He did go out of key a little bit."
Lisa has been booked to play at Mardi Gras before 40,000 people... but so has Nathan.

"Is it heck normal for your manager to be on the same gig as you!"
"I need him to spend every spare minute that he's got [on me], but he's looking after other acts and managing himself!"
Preparing to go on stage, Nathan reveals his feelings...

"I'll show these little Scott-Lee b*****ds."
Lisa arrives at the stadium gig, but discovers she's not allowed to walk across the turf in her heels!
Reluctantly, Lisa opts to go barefoot.

"Joss Stone does it."
Wearing a sexy purple dress, Lisa performs a live rendition of 'I'll Wait For You', complete with a live band.
Tony congratulates Lisa on a successful performance.

"You got those high notes as well!"
Lisa meets with her manager and P.R. to discuss record labels. She learns she has been rejected by Ministry of Sound, EMI, Innocent, Sony and BMG. The other labels are yet to reply.
Lisa's P.R. tries to encourage Lisa to get her breasts out. For the newspapers.

"People have been banging on the door; we want Lisa, sexy pics, blah blah blah..."
"This sexy Lisa image is not something you should shy away from."
Lisa is upset.

"I've done that, and last time it still didn't get me into the top 10, and the time before when I released 'Too Far Gone' I still didn't get into the top 10, and I did all that, and I felt s****y about it, because I don't want to be paraded around with nothing on."
"I want to be an artist known for singing and having good songs, not for getting my kit off."
Lisa tries to cheer herself up by going to see a Celebrity Psychic.

"According to the stars, Lisa Scott-Lee is going to be a mega star."
"You don't even think about loser! You're a winner! And you have to repeat every day, I'm a winner!"
"...I'm a winner!"
"You have to project sexy. Elegant, sexy."
"This is not sexy."
"The people want to see Lyessa."
Lisa corrects her psychic friend.
Meanwhile, Andy has finally decided to propose to Michelle, and has prepared some special fortune cookies.
Inside, the message reads "Close your eyes and make a wish".
Andy hops down onto one knee.
"Will you marry me?"

"Don't be silly!" snaps Michelle.
Michelle is not convinced. "Babe, f**k off!"

"Will you marry me?", repeats Andy, "Say yes or no, I can't stay down here forever!"
Michelle fills with tears.
"Did you say yes? I didn't even hear you..."
"Yeah, of course!"
Michelle is still in shock.
"I can't believe you've just done that! Have you asked my dad?"

Andy reassures her all is above board.
"I flew up to Newcastle... and I went into your house, sat your parents down, and I asked them. And then we went for a meal at the Italian."
The couple head off and share a romantic kiss, but Andy has a brief complaint.
"You've seriously got to wear less lip gloss."




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