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Episode 8

It's the night before the chart position is revealed, and Lisa is heading to a gig in Glasgow.

"This is my last gig before the chart position!"
"I don't know what's going to happen with releasing singles and all that, but no-one can stop me performing."
The gig is a huge success, but after the gig Lisa is a little upset when she meets her fans backstage.
"Them girls, they've been following me for ten years. I feel dead sad tonight. It was a brilliant gig, but I feel so sad, because of the f**king stupid ultimatum, I went along with it and said 'Yeah I'll quit', just to keep people happy and... I didn't mean it." :(
"I really regret it."
The next morning, Lisa is on her way to the MTV Studios.

"I'm not looking forward to this at all. The last few weeks, look at other female solo artists. Like, Rachel Stevens, I think she went in at 12. Jo O'Meara went in at 13. Jenny Frost, poor Jenny, I feel very sorry for her..."
"Everybody has bad days. Mine just got caught on camera."
At the MTV Studios, Jan is unhappy with the MTV producers. MTV want to read out the top ten on the live show, one by one.

"I will not stand by whilst Lisa is being bullied. And that's what is happening here."
In her dressing room, Lisa argues with the live' show's producer.

"I was 13 yesterday... I'm not stupid... I'm not in the top ten. So you want me to just stand here, when you go through everybody else who is? It's humiliating. You said it would just be revealed. I don't want to be here. That's what I'd rather. I'd rather be at home. I'm sick of it."
The producer is not impressed, "Well I ran through this with Nathan yesterday..." chirps the producer.

Lisa fights back, "Well I've just seen it and I'm not happy with it."

Johnny supports Lisa, "If it doesn't get changed, we won't go on. She's my wife, I'm not having it."
"I'm the one who will stand there, not the presenters, not the rest of them, me. You can't tell me how I feel. I'm telling you, it's humiliating."
A compromise is reached. The live show will go ahead, and Lisa's chart position will be revealed by opening an envelope.
The show is transmitted.
Two days later, Max, Nathan and Lisa meet at Concept HQ to discuss Lisa's future career.

"It's a big world. Funnily enough there's been a fantastic reaction from all the territories overseas, especially places like Japan and Germany... it's about time that it changed, that you did have a British artist that was dominating the charts in other territories."
"A lot of people don't realise that I've still got my [record] deal... it's really nice for me to know that I've got a supportive record company... we can make it top ten around the world! You never know!"
"I'm determined to get 'Electric' into the top ten, wherever it is..."

"It's definitely been an experience hasn't it. One to tell the kids!"
And so, Lisa looks positively to the future, and developing her solo career in other territories. After a short montage of memorable moments, this chapter of the Scott-Lee story draws to a close.




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