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Episode 6

At home, Lisa prepares a special surprise for Johnny's return home.
The banner reads "Welcome home!"

"I hope this works!", muses Lisa.
The car arrives at Scott-Lee Towers...
...and the reunited lovers fall into each others' arms.
Keen to make up for lost time, Johnny sweeps Lisa off her feet, straight up the stairs and into the bedroom.
At Concept Records, Nathan speaks with Max's associate.

"It really didn't go down well, him [Andy] and Lisa releasing on the same day."
"I can't even remember who came up with the gimmick idea."

That would probably have been Nathan Moore.

"It's actually this poor boy's career, it's not just about a show... it's just madness."
Johnny and Lisa visit Nana.

"Don't go on the grass!" giggles Lisa.

"We always walk on the grass. It's tradition." replies Johnny.
For a change, Nana seems genuinely interested.

"How has the video gone? I'm dying to see it!"
Nana watches the video intently.
"Have you heard the song?" asks Lisa.

"The phone??" replies Nana.
"There's a good beat on it! I want to get up and dance!" giggles Nana.

"It seems very popular that type now."
"I hope it's popular!" laughs Lisa. "What do you think it will get to, Nan?"
"Oh, it'd be first if I had anything to do with it!" grins Nana.
Later that evening, Lisa receives a telephone call from Nathan.

"We need to concentrate on the music" sneers Nathan.

"Where are you?" asks Lisa.

"Well I'm... in Pontins..."
"What are you doing at Pontins?" questions Lisa.

"Er..." replies Nathan, trying to avoid the question as much as possible, before reluctantly replying "just, er, I'm doing a, you know... singing... er... Andy's doing a... er, thing tonight so I was warming up the crowd"

Lisa is frustrated. "You can't have a go at me for being at a premiere, which is part of my job, when you're my manager and you're warming up for my brother!" she replies.
Johnny asks what Nathan wanted.

"He was just talking about work and stuff."

"What? At twelve o'clock at night?! Is he having a f**king laugh?" growls Johnny.

"It's all very well Nathan saying 'You've got to stop doing premieres', but what's he doing right now? He's on stage!"
The next morning, whilst casually posing in the garden, Andy, Michelle and Lisa are snapped by the paparazzi.
The photos appear in glossy magazines.
Later in the evening, Lisa gets another call from Nathan. But this time, it's good news - she's made it onto the playlist at Capital Radio!
Lisa and Johnny celebrate the news at the amusement arcarde, ramming each other on the dodgems...
...and on the dance machines!
The next day, Lisa's on her way to the single launch.

"I'm nervous!" declares Lisa.
The press have all turned out to capture Lisa's arrival. Also at the party are her brothers, Liberty X, and STEPS pal H.
Lisa introduces her single to the crowd...
...and then poses for more photographs.
However, the next morning the happy mood is lowered, when Lisa finds a host of newspaper articles, falsely claiming that her marriage with Johnny is falling apart.

"It's upsetting, it's not nice."
On their way to a showbiz party, their publicist gives them advice on what to say to the press if they ask about Lisa and Johnny's marriage.

"Just say, 'This speaks for itself'."
"You're clearly happy and together", says the reporter, "Would you like to 'pooh-pooh' those rumours for us?"

"They're not true!" laughs their publicist.
Whilst Lisa struts her stuff on the red carpet, Michelle finds out the chart position of the latest Liberty X single - 4!
Back at Concept, the bosses discuss which retailers will be stocking the single.

"Virgin are taking about 3,000. HMV are taking 5,000. ASDA are taking 5,000. Woolworths haven't said 'No', so that's positive, but they're only buying guaranteed top 10s right now, and right now they're not convinced it is a top 10."
"Lisa's asking what the marker is for 5 and 3. I think everybody needs to get a grip on reality!"
Max calls Lisa.

"So far we've got a good reaction from both HMV and Virgin... " he explains.

But Lisa is less than happy. "If there's not enough records in the shops to get me to top 10, why am I working my butt off?"
"I hate this attitude! It's not just her working her butt off. They think it's just a drop of the hat, that everybody takes the record, everybody's dying to buy a Lisa Scott-Lee record. Well it doesn't work like that!"
"Well who do buy Lisa Scott-Lee records?" asks Max.

"My question since the beginning!" replies his colleague.




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