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Episode 5

Andy, Michelle, Johnny and Lisa enjoy a quiet dinner outside.
But the proceedings are rudely interrupted when Lisa is attacked... by a wasp!
She promptly leaves her chair.

"I hate them! I don't want to get stung! Baby, don't antagonise it!"
Lisa shrieks.

"Baby I'm not being funny, but what's on my arm?! Something splattered on my arm and I don't know if it's wasp or egg."
It's 1.30AM the following morning, and Lisa is back in the studio recording her new single 'Electric'.
"I'm not arguing. I'm too tired to argue."
"Is that is?" questions a bleary-eyed Lisa.
"You've done a brilliant job" reassures record executive Max, "and this is the final hundred metres".
"I could cry, I'm so tired!"
Andy arrives at the Nottingham arena to take part in a pop concert.
The fans are very supportive of Andy.
And the gig goes well.
The record company executives meet with Lisa and Nathan to discuss their budget. The record company is giving Lisa 20,000, but she must share it with brother Andy.
It's a decision Andy is blissfully unaware of as he takes Michelle to the golf course, to watch her carve up the green.
Andy has agreed to be in a pantomime, but Michelle is not happy that he will be kissing another woman. Andy tries to reassure her.

"Baby, you're my Cinderella. Can you hold the flag please?"
"Is she pretty Andy?" persists Michelle.
Back in the office, the video is designed.

"So you get something that's very slick, very glamorous, very beautiful and very simple..."
"A bit like you, love."
"Simple?! Cheers...!"
Back home, Tony grapples with a 'daddy-long-legs', and tries to swat it using a newspaper.

"DAD! That's me!" shouts Lisa.
"It's a nice picture, and he's using it..." she repeats, as she prevents Tony squashing the unwanted insect with Lisa's picture.
Once the fuss has settled down, Tony and Jan's birthday celebrations continue.
Jan smiles at her birthday card, on which Michelle has drawn some balloons.

"Oh!" exclaims Lisa, "I thought they were boobs!"
During dinner, Lisa makes a special announcement.

"I've got the single!"
The family approve.

"I realised that I'm releasing on the tenth of the tenth... and I need a ten!" quips Lisa.
Lisa is straight back to work the next day, and arrives at the studio for her video shoot.
A few moments later, Lisa is choosing her outfit for the video...
...and then she's whisked off for her makeup.
"It is very sexy" remarks a member of the crew.

"Mmm," agrees Lisa, "without it being 'Here's my t**s'... sorry dad!"
"We can't look at failure" muses Tony, "We've got to just go all-out to promote it, we've got to use every angle possible, for God's sake, we've got to do something..."
The video shoot begins.
And Lisa is back on form once again.
But Nathan has bad news for Andy.

"I've just had a call from Max. He wants to go with both singles on the same day. He just feels that there will be a lot of hype around it."
"There is no chance I'm releasing a song the same day as Lisa. It's as simple as that, I won't do it."
Luckily, things are lighter inside, as Lisa finishes her video.

"Thank you! Thanks everybody!" she shouts.




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