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By Rachel Richardson for The News Of The World. Published 21st January 2007.

Dancing On Ice beauty Lisa Scott-Lee has revealed how skating supercharged her sex life—and almost ruined her TV partner's.

The former Steps singer says training for the hit show, that launched on ITV1 last night, has made her red-hot between the sheets.

"I'm in great shape and it's made a huge difference in the bedroom," explained Lisa, who is married to ex-Hear'Say star Johnny Shentall, together, inset left.

"But skating is dangerous. The blades are so sharp. And my poor partner Matt Evers almost lost his wedding tackle when I put my foot in the wrong place!

"You have to be so careful doing lifts and turns but as I was coming out of a move I slid my blade past Matt's groin. I only missed his bits by a few centimetres and caught him on the leg. He says it's left a huge scar!"

In an exclusive interview Lisa, 30, also confessed how she:

LOST hope and wanted to quit the show after a disastrous practice with Torvill and Dean,

RUSHED to hospital after disclocating a rib, and

BATTLED secret grief after suddenly losing her gran to cancer.

Brunette Lisa added: "Since I started training everything in my life has improved. I feel happier, I'm fitter and sex is better than ever. Johnny and I were already pretty wild together. But it's totally improved now because I feel better about my body."

"Johnny's delighted. He loves how I look and jokes about how I've got my Steps bum back! Even after three years of marriage I still feel like a newlywed. We're still in that lovely honeymoon period. I hope it never ends."

Lisa revealed that four-hour training sessions and a healthy diet are the keys to her hot new bod. "It's really punishing and probably the hardest thing I've tried to do," she said. "When I started I was 8 and half stone, and I've lost about ten pounds now."

It's not been a doddle, though. Lisa, who lives in Berkshire with husband Johnny, started work on the show in October. But just two weeks in she almost quit.

She said: "During one of my first sessions with Torvill and Dean, Christopher threw me into a spin. It left me completely shocked because I wasn't ready for it. I freaked out and got a bit tearful. It wasn't a great start and left me really frustrated."

"I convinced myself I wouldn't be able to do it and my confidence took a real knock. I went home and had a heart to heart with Johnny. I even told him I wanted him to get me pregnant so I could pull out."

Eventually Lisa was talked round and has gone from strength to strength with partner Matt, together right. "He's been so supportive," she said. "We have a great relationship."

But she revealed that Matt takes no prisoners on the ice. And she has the marks to prove it.

"He throws me around like a rag doll and I've got bruises in places you wouldn't imagine," laughed Lisa. But one day she was left in real agony. "We were doing a lift and something went wrong," she told us. "I slipped and one of my ribs popped out of place at the back. "It was so painful I went straight to hospital. They thought I'd pulled a muscle. A week later the physio spotted what had really happened and pushed the rib back in. It was excruciating."

Lisa has also faced the sudden death of her beloved 80-year-old Nana Anne earlier this month.

"It's been a sad start to the year," said Lisa. "It was very sudden and very sad. But it's spurred me on. Nana was a dancer and I know she'd have been so proud to see me on the ice." Lisa signed up for the show after deciding to ditch the pop world and reinvent herself.

"I definitely won't release another single in the UK," she told us. "I want to do telly and maybe try presenting."

Lisa also recalled how, just a year into marriage, she had to handle false rumours that Johnny had been cheating.

"It was horrible," she said. "But we've put it behind us now. If anything it's made us stronger, pulled us together."

The couple's next big plan is a family. "We'll start practising after the show ends," giggled Lisa. "I can't wait."






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